Resting cormorants

Got this shot of some the shy cormorants with the special teal coloured sea behind. The teal colour is probably due to some algae growth. »

First light with Sigma 150-600 S

Made this snap of a white-tailed eagle(Haliaeetus albicilla) handheld from a moving boat. Used Sigma 150-600S on a Canon 60D. (600mm, 1⁄1250 s, f/7.1, ISO 500) »

My workflow for posts

How the site is updated Here I describe the steps to get a new post on the site. This will serve as my reference for future work. Prepare images in Lightroom After doing the initial image adjustment I tag them such that they are included in my collection for web. The selected images is exported in smaller dimension and compressed format suitable for the web. The export is saved as a template with image processing settings and export location within my local git working folder. »

Direct posting via github

Fast publishing This post is entered in a browser on my pad. Thanks to Hugo using Markdown to format posts I can preview the page before committing the changes. The purpose is to test how easy I can make new postings to my page. If auto deploy is working ok the page will be on the web right after I check this in to master. »

Hallgeir Holien on #github,

Lyd i bilen etter FM

I dag slås FM av i Trøndelag og nå er det bare DAB+ som gjelder. Da ble gode råd dyre for meg som hverken har DAB+ eller AUX inn i bilstereoen. Løsningen Jeg valgte nettradio og monterte en AUX-kabel på multimedia-inngangen bak på anlegget. Jeg slipper dermed å bruke adapter som sender lyden via FM. Anlegget i min VW Passat fra 2006 er en MFD2-DVD med en 18-pins multimedia-kontakt bak. »